Some Helpful Free Marriage Counselling

Contrary to what some may believe, marriage is a 24-hour job and you need all the free marriage counseling you can get.

One secret to a happy marriage you have to understand is accountability. You are accountable for everything you do, think and say. You are accountable to your spouse and to your responsibility to do your part as a married couple.

Some Helpful Free Marriage Counseling

Another free marriage counseling is passion

It is one way to keep your marriage alive. Keep the fire burning by constantly touching with your spouse. Kissing and making love are the best ways of showing and releasing some passion. In between, there needs to be some way for you to physically let the other know that he or she is loved and appreciated. A simple hug, pat on the back, tapping the bottom, rubbing shoulders, holding hands and even doing high fives are ways to release some oxytocin. The longer and more frequent you do these, the more of these ‘love hormones’ are released.

Each individual is unique on their own

This is a cliché for a reason and that is because it is true. In marriage, you need to respect each other’s differences and make these differences work for you. The first thing to do is accept that your spouse is who he or she is and there’s little you can do to change them without having problems doing so. Another [tip to make marriage work] is for you to agree to disagree.

What works for your marriage

One free marriage counseling that many seem to forget is to shower your partner with gifts. It’s not important how expensive your gift is. What works for your marriage is not how much money you spent but how much time and effort you spend on your gift. You don’t need a diamond ring or a brand new sports car to keep your partner happy (although these things will), a simple love note taped to the dresser mirror, two tickets to a favorite band, maybe some flowers… anything will do as long as it shows how much you appreciate the other. Another cliché: It’s the thought that counts.

Yes, there is an “I” in marriage

But it’s not about making yourself the center of attention. You are not the only person in the marriage, let alone on this earth. The “I” here is expressing to your partner how you actually feel and think. Mind readers can only be found in comic books. Another free marriage counseling that needs to be consistent: communicate.

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