Some Crazy Advice about Marriage that Actually Works

There are a lot of pieces of advice about marriage given by anyone who has anything to say about the matter, unsolicited or not. Married life is not as easy as saying “I Do” and living happily ever after. It is a process and every tip about marriage is welcome. Even the crazy ones. As they say, it’s so crazy it might just work!

Some Crazy Advice about Marriage that Actually Works

Here are a few crazy tips to make marriage last:

1. Be someone else.

Attend Halloween parties or any event that asks for you to be in costumes. This is a fun way to spice up your marriage. Go as famous couples but add some twist. Let the guy dress up as the woman and vice versa. Ladies can dress up in a suit and bowtie, brush up your blonde hair and draw a beard and mustache on your face to look like Brad Pitt. Guys can wear a black dress with a mile-high slit like what Angelina Jolie wore to the 2012 Oscars. Shaving your legs is optional. Don’t forget to dab some bright red lipstick to make your lips look pouty. To make your garb a lot more fun, bring six toy babies along.

2. Another piece of craziness

Another piece of advice about marriage that will bring out the craziness in you but in a good way is to go on a trip that tests your characters, bravery, and love. Go skydiving, mountain climbing, spelunking or anything that brings out the sense of adventure. Going through death-defying but fun stunts like these together will help your relationship grow stronger.

3. Passion is important in any relationship.

One way to keep the flame burning is to experiment with each other. Tell each other’s fantasies and work on that. There are lots of ways to spice up your sex life. Play dress up. Introduce toys and even food to your lovemaking. An important piece of advice about marriage is to learn to open up to your partner in more ways than one.

4. For some this may be crazy

For some this may indeed be crazy but one tip to make marriage work is to allow the other to be him or herself. Everyone needs some time on their own to pursue what they want. It may be a career, a passion, a hobby, or just some alone time or time with friends. What’s important is to let your partner grown on their own while still growing in the relationship. This brings us to one important advice about marriage that every couple needs to have: trust.

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